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Don’t be satisfied with just Maaleh Adumim

Photography: gershon elinson

Women in Green Press release: Don’t be satisfied with just Maaleh Adumim. Do not settle for partial sovereignty

The Women in Green movement wishes success to the campaign of beginning sovereignty in Maale Adumim, but warns against a partial vision of sovereignty.
The Women in Green movement, that promotes the vision of sovereignty, congratulates the Land of Israel Lobby and along with it government Ministers and Members of Knesset promoting the implementation of Israeli law and sovereignty in Maale Adumim, but along with this warns against being satisfied with a partial vision of sovereignty.
The movement stresses that the implementation of sovereignty in Maale Adumim becomes significant only if it represents a first step in a campaign towards the completion of the Zionist, historical and moral vision needed and called for – the implementation of the sovereignty of the State of Israel over all of Judea and Samaria.
“Let us not be satisfied with a partial vision of the implementation of a focused and regional sovereignty, which is likely to make us lose sight of the living and breathing connection between the people of Israel and all of the areas of its land, a connection of which sovereignty is an essential and required part”, say Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, the movement’s heads, reminding us of Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook’s famous call: “Where is our Hevron? Have we forgotten it?! Where is our Schechem [Nablus]? Are we forgetting it?! Where is our Yericho [Jericho]? Are we forgetting it?!”.
“During these days of the beginning of our standing upright and the strengthening of the call for sovereignty, which is gaining increasing support among Israeli’s citizens, we say clearly and remind everyone – we haven’t forgotten, not Hevron, not Schechem and not Yericho. All of these are the cradle of the birth of the Jewish people, and a foundation of the right of the Jewish people to its land. Our path leads to sovereignty over all parts of our land”, say the two who see the planning of sovereignty over Area C alone as nothing but “a surrender to the dictates of the Oslo Accords and the maps of the agreement that reaped a bloody harvest over many years, that must be stopped with a long range and complete plan for sovereignty over all parts of our land”.
“Consensus is not the determining factor of our borders, but rather the historical right of the Jewish people to its land, a right that is an obligation to inherit the land and to settle on it; we do not have a right to give away any part of it at all”, say Katsover and Matar.

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