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ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Practical Steps toward the Vision of Sovereignty
Architect Yoram Ginsburg and economist Eran Bar Tal explained to the volunteers involved in the fundraising operation the economic benefits of the plan and its first practical steps.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
“When we take a Stand, the World Follows”
Rav Efrati and Caroline Glick were among those who spoke at the launching of the fundraising event for the Sovereignty Campaign. Included were insights from Trump’s speech.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Sovereignty – the solution that is already happening in the field”
Dozens of activists and supporters of the vision of sovereignty gathered at the Oz veGaon Preserve for the launch of the 48-hour fundraising project to promote the momentum of the campaign for the coming year.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Double the impact to achieve Sovereignty. Watch the clip:
The Sovereignty Movement is embarking on a crowdfunding campaign. All donations will be doubled. Watch the special video clip prepared for this event.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Welcoming President Trump's decision while warning against any price to be paid
The Sovereignty Movement Welcomes President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel but issues a warning about any possible price in the future
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Shaked: Striving toward the Application of Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria
The minister of justice expresses her hope and faith that the day is near when the diligent efforts that she and her colleagues are making toward the application of sovereignty will succeed.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
TAMA 100 – National Outline Plan 100
The National Outline Plans of Israel still appear like a drawing of the pre ’67 lines. TAMA 100 seeks to change the situation
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
​'A Palestinian State - A Deathtrap for Israel'
Anyone who has forgotten: A Palestinian state between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River endangers the State of Israel.
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